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Cost control of Hotel disposable goods

Cost control of Hotel disposable goods 
Attention Please:With the deterioration of the global ecological environment, the protection of the environment and the promotion of green consumption are becoming more and more important。The sustainable development strategy formulated by the State Council ,the "three green project" recently launched by the national economic and trade association, have put forward the requirements for the sustainable development and environmental management of the hotel industry in china.At the same time, as China entered the WTO, international exchanges have become increasingly frequent, green consumption has gradually become the mainstream of consumption in the future.To this end, the China Hotel Association also introduced the "green hotel standard" in 2006.

1.ISSUE:Toothbrushes are generally packaged with toothpaste, which is a waste of continued guests.Generally toothpaste is fixed 6G when packedwith toothbrush, morning and evening will run out, toothbrush can continue to use, but no toothpaste ,you need to open another toothbrush to get the toothpaste, such relationship will increase the intangible consumption of disposable items, which is not energy-efficient and nvironmental protection.
Suggestion:1)Separate the toothpaste (because it has its own packaging), and reduce unnecessary waste.
2)Guests who stay in the room for more than three days, should be equipped with 45 g - 60g brand toothpaste
2.ISSUE:Fewer and fewer people use sewing kits. According to statistics, the hotel used a total of 742 pieces sewing kits a year, including internal use. There are less cotton thread in the sewing kit, and there are as many as five colors. When one kind of thread is not enough, it needs another bag, and all the needles are thrown away once.
Suggestion:In the room service center prepared sewing kit, there are plenty of colored cotton, different types of needle, finger shuttle nail, small scissors and so on, if the guests need sewing kit,hotel can provide free rental service,gustes should return them when finished, all the needles and other items can be used repeatedly, cancel the rooms are equipped with a disposable needle package.
3.ISSUE:The small soap in the guest room is an integral part of the washroom, for guests to wash their hands or to clean small articles like clothes . But in most cases the guests can not use all soap, some even just only washing hands to open it .hotel soap, because of small size, poor cleaning effect, the value of recycling greatly reduced.
Suggestion:1)Change the soap into reusable hand sanitizer to reduce waste and improve the quality of the hotel.2)If guests need to wash small pieces of clothing, they can provide small bags of brand washing powder in the bathroom to enhance the cleaning effect.3)The utilization rate of female guest bags is not only low, but also of no practical significance.
I believe that the efforts of all parties will be able to reduce the consumption of disposable supplies. To achieve scientific management, strengthen environmental protection, improve service quality, reduce hotel cost investment.