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How to judge the quality of disposable articles in hotels

 How to judge the quality of disposable articles in hotels
Soap series
The quality of the soap in the guest room generally depends on the appearance and the feeling of using it to judge the quality.
First, good soap appears to have a translucent guanze, low quality of the soap looks very white, opaque. Good soap texture is relatively soft, can not neatly break, low quality soap is very hard, can be neatly broken.
Second, good soap, rich foam. After washing, your hands feel silky. Low quality soap, when you wash your hands, very little foam. After washing, the palms look a little dry.

Shampoo, liquid series
First, the use of disposable items hotel shampoo, liquid soap before, please carefully check the packaging bag on the back of the manufacturing information, shelf life and health permits, and shampoo back must contain a "QS" logo.
Second, after opening the package, check the flow of the liquid. At normal temperature, the lower the total liquid content is, the worse the quality is, and the corresponding decontamination effect is not good.
Third, look at the consistency of the liquid, pour a little liquid in the thumb and fingers, merge the two fingers, and then slowly separate, check the degree of viscosity between the liquid. Usually, the longer the wire is pulled out, the better the quality.