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America: disposable consumption is a bad habit

America: disposable consumption is a bad habit
Disposable consumption has been regarded as fashionable, chic and rich. Today, as a result of one-time consumption, not only a great waste of resources, but also the formation of increasingly serious damage to the environment. In the United States, this habit is increasingly being rejected by the world as a bad habit.
The United States is one of the largest producers and producers of disposable goods, dating back to the first half of the nineteenth Century.
In 1827, New York woman Hannah Montague, invented the world's first Dickie, inspired by her husband, in Manhattan set up a production after paper collar and cuffs disposable hotel supplies factory. After this, such hotel supplies manufacturers rise rapidly. By 1872, the number of American paper shirts, collars and cuffs had risen to 150 million, marking the beginning of the era of one-off consumption in the United States, and a culture of disposable consumption. Today, disposable products have swept the world, forming a huge industrial cluster and industrial chain.
But disposable supplies are rampant and the environmental pollution problems are becoming increasingly serious. Since 1960s, changes in the economic concept of development of the US government agencies and legislative departments have restricted the one-off supplies of hotels. At present, many hotels in the United States no longer provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, slippers and other disposable supplies.
Although the United States government and the environmental consequences of legislative bodies, hotel supplies manufacturers and brought people from all levels of reflection of consumerism, but because the interest group boycott, legal loopholes and some people enjoy the consumerism product * * is radical brought the waste of resources, disposable products, environmental hazards and health risk problem is not easy.
A few days ago, I had just been to russia. More than five luxury hotels in Russia are expensive, and the cost of disposable items is largely covered. General hotels do not provide free personal toiletries for cost consideration. If the guest requests, you will have to pay separately. This is not a government regulation, but a lifestyle. Perhaps Russians, like Europeans, are accustomed to using their own household goods. In addition, the Russians also pay more attention to environmental protection and resource conservation. Even so, the complete abolition of disposable hotel supplies manufacturers are not overnight.